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Experience your adventure with the Dropland, a robust and dynamic crossover, SUV or 4×4 mini-caravan. With selectable chassis systems, aerodynamic shape and customizable options, it's the perfect vehicle for inaccessible places. Discover comfort and adventure now.

The Dropland

high performance


Go on adventures on any road and any terrain with our Dropland, the powerful crossover, SUV or 4×4 mini-caravan. Our off-road version is robust and dynamic thanks to an oversized trailer chassis with an independent suspension system of springs and shock absorbers. With progressive shock absorption that's sensitive to minor bumps while still being able to absorb big hits, you'll never be disappointed.

With the option of an aluminum exterior coating or a special Line-X treatment that makes your vehicle almost indestructible, and in 3 versions with 2 trim levels and numerous options and accessories, the Dropland is an aerodynamic and highly customizable mini-caravan. Discover comfort in inaccessible places. Start your own adventure now!

Dropland - 1 model - 3 variants

Teardrop trailer

The model: More functionality, autonomy, maneuverability and technology.

Offroad Wohnwagen

The Dropland variants

Incurable passion to travel the world. Travel on freeways and back roads

Adventure that feels like freedom. Travel on highways, back roads and smooth dirt roads

Expeditions that others cannot match. Adventure vacations on any paved, dirt or rocky trail.

Customize it the way you want it: choose the right accessories that match your ideas and get an offer that's perfectly tailored to your needs. Every Dropland Mini Caravan is built with the utmost care and to order. Plan and reserve your Dropland early to ensure your next adventure can start promptly.

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Experience nature by approaching it and living with it, not just in it. Discover the joy of company or solitude and focus on what is really important to you.

Offroad Wohnwagen

The Dropcampers story


DropCampers was born from a passion for nature, adventure, design and technology by brothers Mario and Albert Fernández. During a family trip in the US, they discovered the mini-caravans that gave them the freedom and mobility they wanted. They decided to build these vehicles themselves and give others the same experience.

As a sustainable company, we are committed to environmental protection and see mini caravanning as a new way of living outdoors. Our goal is to develop a model that can become a facilitator for a more sustainable way of travel.

We pride ourselves on having a philosophy and values that are reflected in everything we do. As “changemakers” we humans inspire and equipwho want to lead a positive lifestyle. Our team has now grown into a sustainable cooperative that now hands the project over to the next generation laid.

We think our mini caravans are the result of a creative journey for a demanding, active and environmentally conscious audience. Maybe you are one of them too.

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Dropcampers is a lightweight off-road camping trailer designed for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. There are three different variants available, suitable for different needs. In addition, there are two equipment levels that provide more comfort.


Dropcampers is a lightweight off-road camping trailer designed for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is available in three different variations and two levels of equipment, providing greater comfort.


Dropcampers is a remorque de camping all-terrain légère conçue pour les adventurers et les amateurs de plein air. It is available in three different variations and two levels of equipment for plus comfort.